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Jennifer Rasell

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Jennifer Rasell   Jennifer Rasell, Assoziierte Doktorandin


Seit 1. Oktober 2015
Assoziierte Doktorandin in Abteilung I am ZZF Potsdam

1. April - 30. September 2015
Stipendiatin des ZZF Potsdam in Abteilung I mit einem Abschlussstipendium

April 2011-2015
PhD student at the Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam in the project ‘Physical Violence and State Legitimacy in Late Socialism’

European Social Policy Researcher, GHK Consulting, Birmingham

MRes (Master of Research) in East European Studies, SSEES, University College London, supported by a CEELBAS scholarship. Thesis: Segregation and the post-socialist city. In the heart of Budapest’s [Roma] ‘slum’

MA in European Studies, Free University Berlin, supported by a Hanseatic scholarship. Thesis: Roma well-being – a challenge for Europe. Exploring the impact of EU conditionality on Roma policies in the Czech Republic

BA in Jurisprudence, Trinity College, Oxford University
Erasmus year at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

Alle Rechte an Texten, Bildern und sonstigen Inhalten liegen beim ZZF (2011).